Here is a list of some of the questions we hear most from our first-time customers. Read through them to answer any questions you might have. If you can’t find the answers, feel free to contact us. Sometimes, your questions are better answered when we have a clear picture of your needs.

Q: Why free-floating shelves? 
A: Hero Shelves recognized people are living a more minimalist life style.  This choice of life style has challenged the design community to make every square inch of storage count.  Open shelves can be used not only in the kitchen, but throughout every room in home.  Hero Shelves recognized this growing design trend from micro living to larger homes. We decided to fit form with function.

Q: Free Floating Hero Shelves are available in a simplistic modern design. Are other designs available?
A: Other designs are not available currently. Our design team is always looking at new ideas.

Q: How do Hero Cabinet systems work?
A: Hero Shelves provide a revolutionary cabinet design with durability and longevity in mind. Hero Shelves ships you an unfinished cabinet box in the wood species of your choosing. Currently oak, cherry, or maple. Drop down storage shelf installed; ready for you to tailor to your storage needs.

Q: Will my Hero Shelves Cabinet look like the rest of my cabinets?
A: Your Hero Shelves cabinet will arrive unfinished ready for stain or paint. We recommend you contact your local paint store professionals to ensure best results possible.  They will be able to help you match the correct finish products needed to make your project a success.  Once the face frame of the cabinet is finished and ready to install; you will need to adjust the hinge placement on your existing cabinet doors prior to installation.

Q: Will I reuse my existing cabinet doors?
A: Yes, we want your new Hero Shelves Cabinet look like it has always belonged in your home. Reusing your existing doors not only saves you money; but will allow you to get your cabinet installed sooner. For more information, click here.

Q: Will I need to finish the whole Hero Shelves Cabinet when it arrives?
A: No, your Hero Shelves Cabinet will arrive with a prefinished natural interior. You will only need to finish the face frame of the cabinet and any unfinished end panels if purchased separately.

Q: How do I finish the side of my cabinet, should the end of the cabinet be exposed?
A: Hero Shelves offers unfinished end panels in your matching wood species of choice. You can finish your panel to match prior installation. That is the beauty of our Hero Shelves program. By shipping an unfinished cabinet.

Q: What is the connection between shirts, shelves and heroes? 
A: Being a hero is a lifestyle choice. In Greek mythology, Atlas held up the heavens. Heroes hold up the world. Hero Shelves hold your storage needs.

Q: Why Hero Shelves Swag? 
A: Hero Shelves was built by people helping people. We at Hero Shelves believe that concept is what makes the world go around. Sporting your Hero Shelves Swag conveys not only that message yet defines a lifestyle.

Q:  I would like to change more of my cabinets to Hero Shelves Cabinets. Are more sizes available?
A: Contact us with a list of sizes desired.  We will be happy to review your request and get back to you.